Photography - Slow motion analog photoblog
Travel Stories - 2 years after anti-blog with sounds
About tmlnd and some links to the galaxy is a self made website with various open source tools such as gimp, vim, kate, php..., it should comply with standards.

It's all about travel and photography (if there is any differences?), it was a kind of blog before it became fashion, and today it's a kind a slow motion blog. It can be stuck in space and time with no update and then come back with massive uploads and new stories as well as new layout.

You can come back time to time, but the best way is to subscribe to the RSS feed.

You won't find any digital photography here but just some home made photography with classical cameras such as Nikon FM2, FE2, Rollei 35, Canon A1 - my lenses are 24mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 105mm. I use color slides such as Kodacrhome, B&W slides such as Agfa Scala, B&W films such as Koda TriX, Ilford HP5+, DELTA 100.

If you look carefully or if your lucky you will find some sound recordings

why tamaland? hmm it's just a name and it does not really matter, does it?