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Themes: Religions,
Country: China - 2009
Themes: Religions,
Country: China - 2009
Jian Dan
Themes: Streets,
Country: China - 2008
La Belgique
Themes: Friends,
Country: Belgium - 2008
Themes: Shadows,
Country: France - 2008
Machine learning
Themes: Buildings,
Country: China - 2009
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China, Deux Murs,

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Deux Murs (1998) -

Insed the wall of the forbidden city, under a grey sky, a long street delimited by two blind walls. Some passers-by, few tourist and bicycles...

I can't forget this place. The perspective of this street, from the south to the north in the east of the forbidden city is very impressive. By luck, i have found someone who was as impressed as i was by this place. I let you have a look at his web site : vieillard fou de dessin (the old man crazy about drawing) (in the middle of the page).